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Clinical Partners is a private partnership of leading Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists, working face-to-face and online, with clinics around the UK.

Our team of approachable and experienced practitioners are able to help international clients with a wide range of emotional and mental health problems for both adults and children.

We have clinics across the UK including in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Oxford.

If you are looking for private treatment we are able to arrange all necessary appointments with our specialists in the UK. Many of our specialists are also multi-lingual.

You can read more about our International service here.

If you think you may need treatment,
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0203 326 9160

Leading Team of Private Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists in UK

We appreciate it can be difficult to find the right treatment – but at Clinical Partners we brought together a team of experienced professionals who have many years of experience and are accredited in their field of expertise to ensure that you get the treatment that you need.

Wide range of treatments and services for emotional and mental health problems

At Clinical Partners we offer the following services:

  • Psychiatric assessments and Treatment
  • Psychological assessments, Treatment and CBT
  • Psychotherapy and counselling
  • Support for Children and Families
  • Medico-legal assessments and reports

Read more about the emotional and mental health issues here.

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To arrange an appointment please call us on 0203 326 9160 and we can speak to you in complete confidence and arrange a consultation at your soonest convenience.


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